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crash (27" i7 14,2 yosemite)

Crashed Thread: 31 Exception Type: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000 a bien fonctionné vidéo OK mais crash en final ?


Very nice work, love it :-)


I found this app pretty cool!!! but alot of the time the app crashes randomly!! if the app didnt crash I would give the app 5/5………. but it does crash and there is some lag in it…… so I am goin to give this app a 3/5!! i definatly recomend you try it out!! have fun!! :)

Lots of FUN!

Certainly a lot of fun. So far runs well and as advertised on my MacBook. :D

good for 5 minutes

good for about 5 minutes of fun.

The only feature I want to use is NOT working!

I am running OSX Lion and the Motion FX face warp feature does not work. The webcam is turned on but the screen is blank. If anyone can help, please give a review. Thanks

They could charge more...

It works pretty good. I have it on my MBA (October 2010) upgraded to Lion. No issues. Worth every penny even if it was a $2.99 app. Nice job, guys.

Review Below

I love it. Downloaded it on a few of my friends computers too :). I would have offered 5 stars if: 1 - Works with apps like Skype (Solo Entertainment -> Social Entertainment) 2- Routinely Updated Effects 3- Bug Fix with some laptops when using Video Warp Feature.

Works fine on Lion

Havent played much, but tried all features and they work fine on Lion. Besides… cant beat the price.

Thumbs Up!

After two minutes of use I can tell its gonna be a fun trip! Thumbs Up! Great App! And its free!!!!

after 2 minutes

It is really just doing what is shown. It is good for quick alternative to colourful-smoke effect and blurry stuff on snapshots. It is okay for a free app!!!!


What an awesome app. Trust me it wont be long before your trying to do a hadoken, lol.


This app is soo cool how you regular camra takes movment and put different special effects. 5/5

Really funny

this app is great and really funny, my friends and I had a good laugh with it.


For what;s there, OSM. It could use some more FX.

Great for Special effect artists

Im a 14 year old boy who is working on becoming a sfx artist. This app is helpful along so many levels. It lets me see how fun it is not to only make effects, but also play around with them.

Best App Ever!!!

Spent hours playing with this app with friends and family.


Amazing little App, it’s very useful and a bit fun to use A+


great fun… burning eyeballs were the best, though. cracked up mu brother :)


really funny app :)

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